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Maximizing effectiveness and monitoring of teams through software and process.

About Teamwork Technolosolutions

Providing competitive advantage to companies in Myanmar through software solutions.

Teamwork Technosolutions is part of the Interact Asia Strategic Group. We first started as the in-house IT development arm, providing essential software solutions and technical support for other functional units within the group.

Due to interest from other businesses in Myanmar, keen to explore the same technical and process solutions that allow us to build and sustain productive teams in Myanmar, we offer the same solutions to external clients on a full-service Software as a Service model.

The challenges of efficiency in Myanmar

Currently one of the biggest challenges to operating a business effectively and profitably is the low productivity level of the workforce.
This is true at all levels: skilled, professional, and management.

Our solution is to implement systematic, easy-to-follow processes, incorporate these processes into easy-to-use team collaboration software using touchscreen interfaces, then train and motivate our teams to use these systems.

Solutions & Services

Hybrid Call Center Solution

Our Call Center solution is an extremely robust solution specifically developed for the challenging infrastructure environment in Myanmnar. It is tablet based and uses standard commercial cellular networks. As a hybrid distributed system, it uses centralized servers (or alternatively cloud) for data collation, while audio data functionality, including recording, is distributed through individual devices.

Talent Acquisition Software (TAS)

Our Talent Acquisition Software is used by our recruitment consultants for both internal hiring and on behalf of our corporate clients. Our TAS system allows us to maintain a comprehensive database of talents, as well as automatically publish and match new positions to new candidates through online portals and social media.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM system is the key solution for maintaining effective communications with large numbers of existing and new client contacts. This solution is used by our various teams for telesales, lead generation, customer support, and telesurvey activities.

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